Krazy “little thing” called L❤️VE 


So…….. He’s gonna be small!Tell me something I don’t know!!! *said in a high pitched squeal 


He is small and has been small since I carried him. 83cm small to be precise! 

My little dot. My special little man. My bundle of joy. My complete and utter world 🌍

He may be small but he is mighty. 


  • From day 7 he cried for days and weeks on end (in pain) 
  • At 2-months old he stunned everyone with his new trick, vacant episodes. But did it bother him?? Did it ‘eck, Bothered us though
  • At 5-months old when I thought he’d died in my arms he came back kicking and screaming and as good as new *a trick he does frequently 😱😱 

Honestly this child……..

Also at 5-months old, when doctors said he wasn’t strong enough for general anaesthetic at GOSH, he showed everyone who was boss and has since been put under more than 25 times *I have honestly lost count

When he was about 6-months old he had his leg plasteed at GOSH in hope of straightening it, he only went and bent it straight back into its crooked shape right before our eyes *instantly as the plaster was removed.  

So you get me??? 

This child, who, I was told wouldn’t sit up, crawl or walk (we are still waiting for the latter but I know it will come, little steps n all….. Excuse the pun!!) has defied almost all odds against him. 

And as for the Neurologist at Addenbrooks who said he’d eat his hat if Dylan ever walked I have a large tasty Sombrero filled with arsenic ready to go….. Well one day. A girl can dream can’t she??? 

For those who read my blog last year ‘Every Little Thing He Does Is Magic’ *THANK YOU, after our meeting with Dylan’s Endocrinologist at GOSH, may be able to relate to how I am feeling today after our follow up appointment. Please click on link to refresh yourself. Every little thing he does is magic 

Today was our first appointment with Dylan’s Endocrinologist since last May, I thought I’d be absolutely fine going it alone. But  I bottled it at the last minute so Rich stepped up to the plate, cancelled his work and came with me. Right by my side. My total rock. #iamaluckygirl

We arrived on time for our appointment *shock horror and were seen almost immediately *more shock horror The consultant diplomatically reiterated a lot of what we had already discussed; Dylan’s body produces such a large amount of growth hormones but they just do not work. 

Basically in layman’s terms. ‘Dylan’s brain tells his pituitary gland that he’s not growing so it produces even more natural growth hormones. Hundreds of the things. More than me or you have. All of which lay dormant in his little body. Therefore if we went down the hormone replacement therapy road not only would it almost definitely have no effect of Dylan’s growth the side effects would be a given. As a family we have digested the fact that this is just simply not an option for us. #thedrugsdontwork

The Facts; 

  • Dylan grows on average one and a half centre meters a year.
  • Dylan’s remained the same weight for approximately two years 
  • Dylan is way below any centile line
  • Dylan’s genetic make up means he was destined to be small
  • If we took Dylan off of all of his toxic medications he may grow a little bit. He may not. 
  • Dylan is the best gift in a teeny package 💙

So he’s just going to be little. He’s just going to be short. He’s just going to be DYLAN and we wouldn’t have him any other way. 
He might have a little body but it’s our little body. But for a little man he definitely has a HUMUNGOUS personality, bags of laughter, lots of quirkiness and a few strange habits *adidas hoodie obsession for one!. He’s little enough to hold in my arms and squeeze with love. He’s little enough to smother in kisses 💋💋💋. He is just perfect. He’s is just Dylan and it’s his story. #dylansstory


Keep writing it baby boy  I want the longest novel ever 😘😘😘


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