Follow the ups (& downs) of our beautiful SWAN (S.W.A.N. UK. Syndrome Without A Name) Dylan. Our son is undiagnosed with too many individual health issues not to be related to a genetic condition. But with no diagnosis we have no prognosis leaving the world to be his oyster and anything is possible. At 5.5 years of age on more daily drugs than an elderly person, potent injections, and having more tests, investigations and general anesthetics to count, day by day Dylan is defying the many many doctors involved in his care.

Dylan is a 5 year old stuck in the body and mind of a baby approximately 9-months old. Dylans condition is labeled as life-limiting and life-threatening. 

Dylan is unique. A puzzle to us and to the over 40 health professionals involved in his care. 

Special Needs, Special Boy. 

Our entire life 💙💙💙




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