When (did) I grow up…..??ย 

As I sit here on the evening of my 39th (eeek how the hell did that happen???) birthday and enter the last year of my 30’s (with little grace) surrounded by the tons of make up I’ve received as birthday gifts (boy do my friends and family know me or maybe they can just see what I feel??) 

Talking of how I feel;  well age related anyway, I honestly don’t think I feel 39 years old. 39 was once ‘old’ now I am 39, next birthday 40 OMGOODNESS how did that happen??? 

How do you feel like when your 39 years old? 

It’s not even late 30’s anymore any later n it’ll be 40. 

Hands up if you thought 40 was old โœ‹๐Ÿป. 

40 is the new 30 I’ve heard – it’s only coz we’re approaching incredibly quickly. If you asked my inner 15 year old’s opinion on a 39 year old she’d be screaming OLD right back at ya!! 

Middle aged, married mother of a Pre-teen (& a special one too but I will get to that). Equals as old as I feel writing this ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

That feeling when ‘that’ song comes on the rad when you’re driving (*that song refers to most 80’s or 90’s songs which you know all of the words to and have a particular memory of from your yoof). 

Then it hits you and you realise that amazing ‘tune’ you are listening to is now an old classic. This particular song I sing word for word and can even still do every dance move (well in my head it’s amazing I’m not completely convinced I’d live stream it on Facebook ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚) Pray, Take That is officially OLD!!! 

But I’m sure at this point I’m not completely alone. My inner 15 year old is loving this tune. In fact I’m sure my inner self is stuck somewhere between the 80’s and 90’s still dancing round to Especially for You and Step by Step, With her finger on the record button so not to get all the talking from the Sunday chart countdown…….. 

Reminiscing on the pre kids days when life was simple. If I had the stress now I thought I had then id be incredibly stress free and if I was as fat as I thought I was then…….. well that’s a different blog altogether….. zzz 

I start my 39th year with a wonderful cruise to look forward to next week, some truly amazing friends who help me get through some of my difficult days. One I’ve been friends with for 35 years, the others are either approaching the 20 year marker or have passed it. (Oooch see old), my amazing supportive and loving  family & husband who too use the same speed-ageing cream (Dylan) as me, my darling mini-me Scarlett who already is causing a debate between my inner 15 year old and me as a mummy. 

Then there’s the  star of my show; my prince, my Dylan. 

  • Who ages me by the day. 
  •  Who entered my life and has changed the way I look at the world,
  • Who flummoxes top Doctors, 
  • Whose tought me the real meaning of worry
  • And the real meaning of love 
  • Who makes my heart break and pound with joy simultaneously on a daily basis. 

This roller coaster we are on is an incredibly bumpy one but I do my best to hide my fear. But no matter how scared of this ride I am I never ever want it to end. 

* when I started this blog it was going to be about having an undiagnosed child in prep for an interview, however I have to go where the flow takes me and here we are; a completely pointless blog about being in my last year of my 30’s. You’re as old as you feel they say. So I will take a view at regular times during this coming year and let you know.

New Kids Still sing this song every birthday on The Block Happy birthday

NKOTB Happy Birthday To You – love this video and it’s not too old lol